Save the Date – BEARS Hosts NWS SKYWARN Training April 18th!

Skywarn LogoBEARS is privileged to host National Weather Service SKYWARN training at its quarterly meeting on April 18th, 2018.

The meeting will take place at 7pm at ABC News HQ, 47 West 66th Street in Manhattan, in the cafeteria multimedia room on the mezzanine level.

Our quarterly VE session will run in parallel with the SKYWARN training.

RSVPs will be required to assure sufficient seating for all participants. Watch this space on our monthly BEARFax e-letter for details.

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Repeater Changes – Mt Beacon NY & Eastern LI

Mt Beacon Antennas and ViewBEARS is pleased to announce big improvements already in place — and still to come — at our Mt Beacon repeater site in Dutchess County, NY – and changes to our repeater partnership on eastern Long Island.

In partnership with the NY-Metro DMR system and Bernie Berger/NY4Z, we’ve activated UHF and VHF DMR repeaters atop Mt Beacon:

Mt. Beacon, NY K2HR 441.450 (+ 5.00 MHz)
Color Code 7
Time Slot
#1 – Group Call TG 347639 Disney – FT
#2 – Group Call TG 444 NY Metro System Wide – FT

Mt. Beacon, NY K2HR 145.39625 (- .600)
Color Code 5
Time Slot
#1 – Group Call TG 347639 Disney – Fulltime
#2 – Group Call TG 444 NY Metro System Wide – Fulltime

The NYC ARES talkgroup is also programmed for Push-to-Talk access on these machines.

We’ve also temporarily disabled our W2ABC/RPT at Mt Beacon to reprogram it for a new pair. As you may know, our operation on 441.05/446.05 MHz has been challenged by a CT-based packet network for some years now. With Bernie’s help, we’ve found a new pair we believe can be coordinated at Mt Beacon…and we hope to have our UHF analog repeater there up again on the new pair, and operating under the K2HR call, in a matter of weeks. Stand by for updates!

Out east, challenges at the WLNG-FM transmitter site forced a move of our eastern Long Island repeater link. Partnering with the Peconic Amateur Radio Club, and longtime BEARS legend Charlie Burnham/K2GLP, we’ve linked to the W2AMC repeater (440.050 +, PL 107.2). The repeater was designed and built by longtime BEARS member Richie Balas/W2RB, and NX2O (SK), and will be overseen by trustee Peter McGreevy/K2HF. The link was proofed by Jerry Cudmore/K2JRC. The new machine is on DARI network between 9a-7p daily. It’s located in an environmentally controlled facility, sits on a government radio tower about 350 feet up, and will provide excellent coverage of the east end from Riverhead to Montauk, and across LI sound to southern CT.

Our thanks to Charlie, Richie, Jerry, Peter and the Peconic ARC group for collaborating with us, and much gratitude to Jon/K1IMD for many years of partnership at Sag Harbor.

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BEARS Quarterly Meeting, Annual Elections & VE Session on July 18th!

Our final quarterly meeting of the 2017 activity year will be held July 18th, 5pm, at ABC News HQ, 47 West 66th Street in Manhattan (between Central Park West and Columbus Avenue).

The meeting will take place in the multimedia room at the rear of the cafeteria on the mezzanine level.

Thanks to the incredible talent and effort of our Club secretary, Brad Berson/W2ZZZ, BEARS is pleased to announce that electronic nomination & voting is in place for our 2017 Elections.

Here’s how our nomination and election process will work this year:

  • Only members in good standing registered with the Club by 5pm ET on June 30th, 2017 may participate in the 2017 election process. If you’re receiving the BEARFax newsletter, consider yourself a member in good standing.
  • Our constitution and bylaws specify that only FULL MEMBERS (active or retired employees of The Walt Disney Company, or its subsidiaries) are eligible to hold executive office, act as a director or repeater trustee or serve as repeater control operators.
  • Committee chairs must also be active or retired TWDC employees. It also goes without saying (we hope) that all executive officers, committee chairs and directors MUST HOLD VALID FCC AMATEUR RADIO LICENSES.
  • But…committee membership (except for committees established to revise our constitution and bylaws, which are limited to Disney employees or retirees) is open to all members in good standing.
  • And ALL members in good standing, FULL OR ASSOCIATE, can cast votes for prospective officeholders – and for other Club business – in this or any other election.

It is critically important that we have participation from as many ACTIVE employees as can volunteer, as our repeater systems sit on Company-controlled or Company-leased property. Further, a full slate of elected officers is also required to maintain our legal status as a 501c3 charitable organization under IRS and NYS regulations.

Already standing for election/re-election are:

  • PRESIDENT:               Howard Price/KA2QPJ
  • TREASURER:             Ed Yang/KD2KEF
  • SECRETARY:              Brad Berson/W2ZZZ

Our standing key committee chairs are:

  • VE Co-Chairs:                                    Mike Siegel/W2RT & Bill Kirkpatrick/WK2O
  • Tech Co-Chairs:                                 Joe Nuzzo/N2BEI
  • Coordination Council Liaison:       Marv Bronstein/K2VHW
  • Trustees:                                             Marv Bronstein/K2VHW
    .                                                             Jerry Cudmore/K2JRC
    .                                                             Joe Nuzzo/N2BEI

ALL NOMINATIONS MUST BE RECEIVED BY 12 Noon ON JULY 12th, 2017 TO BE CONSIDERED VALID. BEARS members should refer to the latest BEARFax (in your e-mail boxes now) for instructions on how to nominate, and vote for, candidates in this year’s election.

This year’s BALLOT will be announced online and in a special BEARFax or or shortly after July 12th, and must be filed online by 12 Noon ET ON JULY 18th, 2017 TO BE CONSIDERED VALID.

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So Long, Farewell — and Welcome! Retirement Brings Changes to BEARS Leadership

It’s with a mixture of sadness and excitement that we bid farewell to our treasurer, and longtime ABC colleague, John Woodford/N2JW. After more than 30 years at the Alphabet Network, John has signed off from his leadership role in network technical maintenance, and signed on for the next chapter of his life in sunny Central Florida.

John retired March 31st to join his wife, a choreographer, at their new home in Lake Mary, FL, just outside Orlando. As a result, John has vacated his role as our club treasurer (and the overseer of our ham shack restoration project).

We wish John well in his new adventure…and thank him profoundly for his service to BEARS. His will be a hard act to follow…but thankfully, Ed Yang/KD2KEF, has volunteered to succeed John as our treasurer. Ed is a relatively new ham, licensed at a BEARS VE session. He’s a manager in ABC’s broadcast systems support group…and we’re thrilled to have him join our BEARS executive board.

BEARS thanks both of these extraordinary men for their service to our Club.

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Join Us for our Quarterly BEARS Meeting & VE Session – April 19th

Our second quarterly meeting of the 2017 activity year will be held April 19th, 5pm, at the ABC News HQ, 47 West 66th Street in Manhattan (between Central Park West and Columbus Avenue).

The meeting will take place in the multimedia room at the rear of the cafeteria on the mezzanine level. We’ll reprise Club activities to date, discuss future initiatives and discuss Club leadership changes. In keeping with recent custom, we especially welcome members of NYC CERT and NYC ARES to join us, and to engage with us on programs of mutual interest.

Please RSVP to Howard Price/KA2QPJ, our Club president, so that he can put you on the clearance list for building security. Use the subject line BEARS RSVP.

Our quarterly VE session will take place immediately following the Club meeting at 7pm. Walk-ins are welcomed, but please let Bill Kirkpatrick/WK2O know in advance if you plan to sit for an exam.

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Join Us for Our Quarterly BEARS Meeting & VE Session!

Our first quarterly meeting of the 2017 activity year will be held January 18th, 5pm, at the ABC News HQ, 47 West 66th Street in Manhattan (between Central Park West and Columbus Avenue).

The meeting will take place in the multimedia room at the rear of the cafeteria on the mezzanine level.

In our 5p-6p hour, we’ve invited Jose Lugo/KD2CJP, New York & Bronx Counties Emergency Coordinator from NYC ARES, to present on the important work this group does to train volunteers and sustain communications in emergencies. And from 6p-7p, as promised, we’re pleased to have Bryan Boyle/WB0YLE in the house from the skunkworks team that is perfecting an all-mode digital/analog repeater system that will allow any radio operating in any ham flavor (analog, DMR, Fusion or D-Star) to talk with any other radio on that repeater. It’s truly the holy grail of universal accessibility we hams have been clamoring for. Bryan will demo the system and explain not only how it works, but how soon we may be see it in regular use.

Please RSVP to Howard Price/KA2QPJ, our Club president, so that he can put you on the clearance list for building security. Use the subject line BEARS RSVP.

Our first VE session of 2017 will take place immediately following the Club meeting at 7pm. Walk-ins are welcomed, but please let Bill Kirkpatrick/WK2O know in advance if you plan to sit for an exam.

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K2JRC AntennaBEARS, in its continuing partnership with the Disney Emergency Amateur Radio Service (DEARS) at Walt Disney World in Orlando, is pleased to announce a new DMR link between New York and Florida.

The link is the result of extensive work by Ken Kerns/N2ZXS, Kurt Livingston/N7WWL and our own Jerry Cudmore/K2JRC, and utilizes a Florida-based C-Bridge administered by Bob Schneider/KC2CWT. Bob’s C-Bridge delivers a feed to the Bronx TRBO C-Bridge, administered by Bernie Berger/NY4Z — who in turn, routes it to Jerry’s DMR repeater here.

BEARS members, and all licensed users with Digital Mobile Radio capability, can connect to this link — and with an extensive DMR network serving greater NYC as follows:

On the K2JRC Manhattan Repeater:
(438.5625 MHz  [-5 Mhz], Color Code 3)

Time Slot
#1 – Group Call  TG 347639 = DARI Talk Group – (Fulltime priority over Time Slot 1)
#1 – Group Call  TG 9 = Local Talk Group – Fulltime
#1 – Group Call  TG 9998 = Parrot Audio Test Server
#1 – Group Call  TG 3 = U.S / English Speaking Countries  – PTT
#1 – Group Call  TG 310 = Tac 310 Talk Group – PTT
#1 – Group Call  TG 311 = Tac 311 Talk Group – PTT
#2 – Group Call  TG 444 = NY Metro System wide

(Fulltime on all repeaters in Bronx TRBO Network)

On the K2JRC Queens Repeater
(438.6125 MHz  [-5 MHz] Color Code 3

Time Slot
#1 – Group Call TG 444 = NY Metro Systemwide (Fulltime)
#1 – Group Call TG TG 347639 = DARI Talk Group (Fulltime)
#2 – Members-Only Private Talk Groups

The NY4Z Bronx TRBO repeater system is vast — too extensive for us to detail here. But we encourage you to visit the NYDMR website for all the details.

Repeater: K2JRC 438.5625  (-5), Color Code 3

Time Slot #1, Disney Talkgroup 347639

This has been an arduous process — but we think one well worth the wait and effort. We thank everyone involved for the extraordinary work that has brought a terrific new operating experience to our members.

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“Long Regional Nightmare is Over” – FCC Hits Recidivist NY Jammer with Huge Fine

Daniel Delise FCC NAL 201632380003Accused jammer Daniel Delise of Astoria, Queens, NY faces $23,000 in fines following an extensive FCC investigation into malicious activity on a number of NY-area amateur radio and government repeater systems.

BEARS President Howard Price/KA2QPJ celebrated the Notice of Apparent Liability issued against Delise by the FCC,  saying “our long regional nightmare is over.”

The NAL caps an investigation going back to at least 2012, which produced a Warning of Unlicensed Operation against Delise. The Commission continued to receive complaints about Mr. Delise throughout 2013 and 2014. FCC agents had difficulty tracing some of the malicious activity back to Delise, because many of his transmissions were too short to track, and were made on a number of different frequencies.

In April of this year, FCC agents caught a break. According to the FCC NAL [local copy]: “Two field agents started to monitor the area in Astoria, NY, where Daniel Delise had been reported to reside. The agents detected strong voice transmissions on the amateur radio frequency 147.96 MHz. The agents used direction finding techniques to determine that the voice transmissions were originating from the antennas on the roof where Mr. Delise had been reported to reside. After determining the direction from which the radio transmissions were coming and one of the agents believing that he recognized Daniel Delise’s voice in the transmissions, the field agents approached his apartment. Mr. Delise’s father, Samuel Delise, gave the agents permission to enter the apartment. Once the agents were inside, Daniel Delise then permitted the agents to inspect his radio transmitting equipment. The agents were able to confirm that the voice they heard on 147.96 MHz was that of Daniel Delise.” These findings resulted in a Notice of Unlicensed Operation being issued against Delise.

Later that same month, according to the FCC, “the New York City Police Department (NYPD) informed a Commission field agent that the NYPD had taken Daniel Delise into custody [local copy] for “sending out false radio transmissions over the New York City Police Department’s radio transmission system” and for possessing radios that operate on NYPD frequencies without permission in violation of New York law. The NYPD report said that a call went out over the police radio for an officer in need. When an NYPD officer responded to the call, he saw Daniel Delise speaking into a radio device. The report said that Mr. Delise admitted to making the transmissions, and that he said he had more radios and would continue to transmit on police frequencies. The NYPD obtained a warrant for Mr. Delise’s apartment and confiscated all the radio transmitting equipment from Mr. Delise (except the antennas), including fourteen radios that transmit and receive NYPD communications.”

This week, the FCC issued a Notice of Apparent Liability against Delise, assessing fines of $23,000, citing violations of Sections 301 and 325 of the Communications Act. Delise has 30 days from the date of the NAL to either pay the full amount of the fine, request an extended payment period or file documents in support of a request to reduce or cancel the fine. Delise could have faced total fines in excess of $140,000.

BEARS thanks the ARRL and our own Hudson Division leadership for their help in bringing this action, and to our fellow hams and repeater operators for the time and effort they devoted to logging the complaints that resulted in this enforcement action. While this NAL sends a strong message to other would-be violators, this is not likely to be the last time jammers and pirates seek to cause havoc on our bands. BEARS urges all its members to remain vigilant, and to report violations to the FCC and the ARRL Hudson Division in a complete and timely manner.

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Welcome to the NEW BEARS Website & Blog!

It’s our great pleasure to debut the all-new, long-anticipated BEARS website & blog.

Our club secretary and webmaster, Brad Berson/W2ZZZ, has been at work on this project for months — and his hard work and creativity are evident.

You still access the site at (where you’ll start at a splash page featuring links to BEARS and other Disney ham clubs and affiliates). But once you’re on our site, you’ll find exciting new functionality:

  • Real-time links to our social media presence!
  • ONLINE membership applications!
    • …with ONLINE election nomination & voting to come soon!
  • A clean, easy-to-read BEARS activity calendar!
  • A list of helpful links!
  • Streamlined menus!
  • Mobile-friendly layout!
  • …and more to come!

To make sure you’re notified anytime we post new items to the site, please register using the SUBSCRIBE link on our homepage. Our new blog will allow us to keep you up to date on breaking BEARS news between monthly editions of our BEARFax e-letter.

Thanks, Brad for a job extremely well done!

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Our Next BEARS Quarterly Meeting & VE Session – July 19th

Meetings MemeBEARS members, and all current and aspiring ham radio licensees, are invited to join us for our next quarterly BEARS meeting. The get-together will take place in the cafeteria multimedia room at ABC News HQ, 47 West 66th Street (between Central Park West & Columbus Avenue), in Manhattan (the location is one block east of the 66th Street stop on the #1 subway line).

The meeting will begin with regular Club business — and our annual election — at 5pm. Our Volunteer Examination session will take place immediately following at 7pm.

Please click here for details on our upcoming exams.

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