BEARS Quarterly Meeting, Annual Elections & VE Session on July 18th!

Our final quarterly meeting of the 2017 activity year will be held July 18th, 5pm, at ABC News HQ, 47 West 66th Street in Manhattan (between Central Park West and Columbus Avenue).

The meeting will take place in the multimedia room at the rear of the cafeteria on the mezzanine level.

Thanks to the incredible talent and effort of our Club secretary, Brad Berson/W2ZZZ, BEARS is pleased to announce that electronic nomination & voting is in place for our 2017 Elections.

Here’s how our nomination and election process will work this year:

  • Only members in good standing registered with the Club by 5pm ET on June 30th, 2017 may participate in the 2017 election process. If you’re receiving the BEARFax newsletter, consider yourself a member in good standing.
  • Our constitution and bylaws specify that only FULL MEMBERS (active or retired employees of The Walt Disney Company, or its subsidiaries) are eligible to hold executive office, act as a director or repeater trustee or serve as repeater control operators.
  • Committee chairs must also be active or retired TWDC employees. It also goes without saying (we hope) that all executive officers, committee chairs and directors MUST HOLD VALID FCC AMATEUR RADIO LICENSES.
  • But…committee membership (except for committees established to revise our constitution and bylaws, which are limited to Disney employees or retirees) is open to all members in good standing.
  • And ALL members in good standing, FULL OR ASSOCIATE, can cast votes for prospective officeholders – and for other Club business – in this or any other election.

It is critically important that we have participation from as many ACTIVE employees as can volunteer, as our repeater systems sit on Company-controlled or Company-leased property. Further, a full slate of elected officers is also required to maintain our legal status as a 501c3 charitable organization under IRS and NYS regulations.

Already standing for election/re-election are:

  • PRESIDENT:               Howard Price/KA2QPJ
  • TREASURER:             Ed Yang/KD2KEF
  • SECRETARY:              Brad Berson/W2ZZZ

Our standing key committee chairs are:

  • VE Co-Chairs:                                    Mike Siegel/W2RT & Bill Kirkpatrick/WK2O
  • Tech Co-Chairs:                                 Joe Nuzzo/N2BEI
  • Coordination Council Liaison:       Marv Bronstein/K2VHW
  • Trustees:                                             Marv Bronstein/K2VHW
    .                                                             Jerry Cudmore/K2JRC
    .                                                             Joe Nuzzo/N2BEI

ALL NOMINATIONS MUST BE RECEIVED BY 12 Noon ON JULY 12th, 2017 TO BE CONSIDERED VALID. BEARS members should refer to the latest BEARFax (in your e-mail boxes now) for instructions on how to nominate, and vote for, candidates in this year’s election.

This year’s BALLOT will be announced online and in a special BEARFax or or shortly after July 12th, and must be filed online by 12 Noon ET ON JULY 18th, 2017 TO BE CONSIDERED VALID.

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