Join the ARRL

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The Amateur Radio Relay League is the nation’s leading amateur radio advocate.

BEARS is an ARRL Affiliated Club and an ARRL Special Service Club – and as such, qualifies for vital commissions for every non-ARRL member or lapsed ARRL member we enroll.

If you’ve never been a member of the ARRL, or your membership lapsed two years or more ago, your membership nets a $15 commission to BEARS. If you’re an active ARRL member, renewing your membership through BEARS when it comes due nets the Club a $2 commission.

Every dollar counts — and every member counts, as both our affiliated and special service club status are conditioned on at least 51% of all BEARS members being ARRL members in good standing.

But ARRL membership is worth even more to you as a ham. Your support guarantees a strong an effective legislative voice in Washington DC – and everywhere hams operate – to protect our spectrum, antenna systems and license privileges.

You’ll never forget a license renewal – thanks the ARRL’s reminder and renewal services. You’ll get monthly issues of (and digital access to) QST, the leading ham radio publication — full of homebrew projects, operating tips and news.

And you’ll have access to the full range of ARRL resources, like Logbook of the World — and all the information you’ll need to take part in contesting, Field Day, ARES, the Simulated Emergency Test, SKYWARN — and so much more.

Joining the League or renewing your membership is easy! Click on this ARRL Membership Form to download an application. Print and complete it, and send it and the remittance for the membership term that’s best for you to BEARS, Inc., PO Box 230931, Ansonia Station, New York, NY 10023-0016 — and BEARS will take it from there.