K2JRC AntennaBEARS, in its continuing partnership with the Disney Emergency Amateur Radio Service (DEARS) at Walt Disney World in Orlando, is pleased to announce a new DMR link between New York and Florida.

The link is the result of extensive work by Ken Kerns/N2ZXS, Kurt Livingston/N7WWL and our own Jerry Cudmore/K2JRC, and utilizes a Florida-based C-Bridge administered by Bob Schneider/KC2CWT. Bob’s C-Bridge delivers a feed to the Bronx TRBO C-Bridge, administered by Bernie Berger/NY4Z — who in turn, routes it to Jerry’s DMR repeater here.

BEARS members, and all licensed users with Digital Mobile Radio capability, can connect to this link — and with an extensive DMR network serving greater NYC as follows:

On the K2JRC Manhattan Repeater:
(438.5625 MHz  [-5 Mhz], Color Code 3)

Time Slot
#1 – Group Call  TG 347639 = DARI Talk Group – (Fulltime priority over Time Slot 1)
#1 – Group Call  TG 9 = Local Talk Group – Fulltime
#1 – Group Call  TG 9998 = Parrot Audio Test Server
#1 – Group Call  TG 3 = U.S / English Speaking Countries  – PTT
#1 – Group Call  TG 310 = Tac 310 Talk Group – PTT
#1 – Group Call  TG 311 = Tac 311 Talk Group – PTT
#2 – Group Call  TG 444 = NY Metro System wide

(Fulltime on all repeaters in Bronx TRBO Network)

On the K2JRC Queens Repeater
(438.6125 MHz  [-5 MHz] Color Code 3

Time Slot
#1 – Group Call TG 444 = NY Metro Systemwide (Fulltime)
#1 – Group Call TG TG 347639 = DARI Talk Group (Fulltime)
#2 – Members-Only Private Talk Groups

The NY4Z Bronx TRBO repeater system is vast — too extensive for us to detail here. But we encourage you to visit the NYDMR website for all the details.

Repeater: K2JRC 438.5625  (-5), Color Code 3

Time Slot #1, Disney Talkgroup 347639

This has been an arduous process — but we think one well worth the wait and effort. We thank everyone involved for the extraordinary work that has brought a terrific new operating experience to our members.

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