Credits and Kudos

The webmaster could not have pulled this off all by himself.  Many thanks to and for the following (not in any particular order):

  • The WordPress team of course, for their publishing framework and themes – this web site uses a somewhat modified version of the Twenty-Ten WP theme
  • Developer/programmer Judith M. Barnett, for turning me on to the Bootstrap framework and helping me get the splash page layout the way we wanted it
  • The folks at Tips and Tricks HQ for their Compact Audio Player plugin
  • The WP Ninjas for their Ninja Forms plugin
  • Stefan Boonstra for his Slideshow plugin
  • Boston Dell-Vandenberg for his Enhanced Text Widget plugin
  • Those of you from our partner web sites who contributed graphics and pictures
  • My amazing wife Sarah for her critical artistic eye, utterly invaluable for helping me make the most of the available artwork
  • And thanks to the BEARS club president Howard Price for his contributions as well as his faith and patience

Finally I would like to put the call out for some help here.  We would love to have some pictures of the equipment and facilities mentioned on the BEARS History At-A-Glance page.  Of course that’s all long before the days of smartphone narcissism and taking pictures of everything in creation but if you have prints, slides or even negatives, please get in touch with me by email at  Or if you’re handy with a scanner just email us whatever you have!  Thanks in advance.